Launching The 2021 Scoot

Launching The 2021 Scoot - AKTIVO

Today, the team here at AKTIVO is thrilled to announce that the brand new Scoot — the fun, safe, and powerful hubless electric scooter is now available for order. Deliveries are scheduled to the United States and Canada by early May 2021.

If you are a long-time supporter of our work, you might be wondering about the previous versions of the Scoot and how this one compares. We have all the answers, and more. If you have just discovered AKTIVO, then continue reading for interesting historical background on the Scoot.

Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns

In July and August 2018, the AKTIVO team introduced the world's first and only hubless electric scooter by launching highly successful campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. We are incredibly proud to have garnered the attention we did, and grateful to our 1,359 backers that believed in us. The team is excited and humbled by the opportunity to build and grow a community of electric transportation enthusiasts that can trust our commitment to ongoing transparency and reliability. 

Updates to the Scoot

The team has spent countless hours, late nights, and early mornings, refining and redesigning our scooter from the ground up since the first prototypes. Our backers had great suggestions, and we listened. Whether they were comments on the motor, locking mechanism, packaging, and much more — this feedback has been instrumental to our team's efforts. Though the Scoot retains the same elegant and beautiful design from its early stages, the components and internal parts have improved to meet the demands of an ever growing market and community of enthusiasts.

Thanks to our loyal and dedicated backers providing valuable feedback over the past few years, the Scoot we are releasing today is battle-tested. We have evaluated several iterations of the Scoot until it met or exceeded expectations. 

Our original goal for our launch on Indiegogo and Kickstarter was to achieve a proof of concept.  Over the span of nearly a decade producing thousands of components for the electric skateboard industry, we acquired and then applied our working knowledge and expertise to the most advanced scooter wheel on the market. Now, in 2021, we are equipped with the understanding of the needs and experiences of our hundreds of real customers around the world.

Rest assured, we remain committed to shipping scooters to all backers who have not received one yet, as we have a list of customers we are fulfilling orders for daily. As usual, every scooter that is sent out is factory tested before being packed and shipped. If you are waiting for a scooter and have not heard from us, please send us a message at and our team will reply promptly. 

Looking ahead

It's been over two years since we launched our first Scoot. We have finally arrived to the brand new 2021 Scoot, available now in the classic Carbon Black or breathtaking Arctic White. We hope you love it. 

Thank you to the supporters who have been with us all this time, and to the many supporters joining us now for changing the way we live, move, and enjoy our lives.