Introducing The World's First Hubless Wheeled Electric Scooter

Introducing The World's First Hubless Wheeled Electric Scooter - AKTIVO

The first and only hubless wheel was designed right here at AKTIVO. However, this wheel took over a decade of meticulous craftsmanship to perfect. How did our engineers formulate and achieve this striking design? 

A brushless motor evolution story

Below, you will find a timeline of the AKTIVO Scoot wheel design:

Wheel Evolution


  • 2010: Belt motor
  • 2015: Hub motor
  • 2018: Hubless wheel motor

Our team has been pushing the innovation of electric power systems for over a decade, from the first micro brushless motors, to creating the compact hub motor wheels fitted in most of the electric skateboards around the world, to the current hubless wheel. Our engineers have been leading the breakthroughs, including integrating the motor into the wheel and providing lighter and simpler technical solutions. In fact, our team has 7 proprietary patents applied on the AKTIVO Scoot and the Active Wheel hubless electric motor.

The most advanced wheel on the market

The Scoot’s 350 watt hub-less electric motor is by far the most powerful motor in an electric scooter of this category to date. This innovative brushless motor uses a set of 60 magnets to deliver an unprecedented torque output and speed control to take you literally anywhere. Besides looking out of this world, the system features position lights, and braking lights together with a high efficiency ceramic brake.


  • 20 degrees hill climbing
  • High steering accuracy
  • Ceramic brake
  • No maintenance
  • Stunning design

At AKTIVO, we provide high performance electric vehicles made from the best materials and components. We never compromise on quality and use ultra-light magnesium alloys, efficient lithium batteries and ceramic brakes.

The hubless wheel is a magnificent and unparalleled feat of engineering that we are quite proud of. Shop now to get your very own AKTIVO.