The Scooter

Yes, when the scooter runs out of battery, you can use it as a regular kick scooter. It does have a tiny bit of resistance due to the regenerative charging technology.

The scooter is delivered with instructions in a securely packed box and requires minimal assembly. It takes about 5 minutes to start enjoying your first ride.

This scooter's handlebar is not height-adjustable, as it would reduce the strength and durability of the stem. The height of the handlebar is fixed at 44.4 inches (113 cm).

The AKTIVO Scoot tires are user replaceable in only a few easy steps. The good news is that the tires are puncture-free and are solid and reinforced. You practically will never need to change them.

Yes, the front wheel is manufactured with a built-in mini shock-absorbing front suspension that alleviates small bumps on your ride. Please take caution when riding over uneven surfaces with potholes and rough terrain.

The scooter has a built-in lithium ion battery that does not allow room to add a second battery. However, the battery can be easily replaced by the user if there are any issues in the future.

Typically, the answer is no. However, each country, state and city has its own laws and restrictions. Please review your local motor vehicle rules and laws.

Most airlines have regulations limiting the capacity of batteries to 100Wh, so the AKTIVO Scoot will not be able to be taken on the airplane.


The AKTIVO Scoot is limited to a max speed of 15.5 mph (25 km/h). To experience the maximum speed the scooter needs to be charged to at least 25%. The maximum speed also varies depending on the type of terrain, wind, and weight of the rider. The speed is limited because most countries' regulations don't allow for scooters over 15.5 mph to ride in streets with vehicles and pedestrians.

The max range of the AKTIVO Scoot is about 15.5 miles (25 km) tested in flat terrains, with a rider weight of 175 lbs and a speed of between 12-15.5 mph.

The weight is 33.5 lbs (15 kg). It is easy to bring it up or down a few flights of stairs and can be unfolded and rolled when travelling longer distances.

The scooter was built to comfortably transport riders up to 265 lbs (120 kg).

Thanks to its powerful motor and torque, the Scoot can handle slopes up to 20 degrees and climb most hills with ease.

The AKTIVO Scoot has a grade IP54 waterproof rating and has engineered rubber joints protecting the motor, front wheel, back wheel and the main electronics and components from water and dust.

The AKTIVO Scoot features a double brake lever that acts as a regenerative brake in the front wheel, along with a mechanical brake made of top-grade and virtually wearproof ceramic materials, ensuring the scooter stops quickly and easily as needed. Besides being very incredibly safe, the regenerative brakes captures the kinetic energy to recharge the battery and to provide more power for later.

To avoid flat tires and frequent maintenance, the AKTIVO Scoot uses solid 2.2 inch (56 mm) wide tires. These tires are completely airless and essentially puncture-proof to ensure that you can get to your destination without a hitch.

The AKTIVO Scooter can be seen from practically all angles, nearly a full 360 degrees when riding at night. The powerful front LED light illuminates the way, the red taillight shines brighter when braking, and the LED lights installed in the inner rims of the wheels make the scooter visible from both the left and right sides.

Battery and Charging

With any of the AKTIVO chargers, charging the scooter is fast and convenient. With our 2A super fast charger it takes just 4-5 hours and with our 3A ultra fast charger it takes about 3 hours.

Our high quality battery is designed to last between 800 or more charge cycles depending on the charger used, and the percentage of discharge at start of each battery charging cycle. With faster chargers such as the 3A one, the cycles are reduced because of its high power. Rest assured, the battery will still continue to perform at a high-level but may have some reduced performance after many miles of use.

For optimal battery health and we recommend to never discharge the battery under 10%. Do not leave the scooter with low levels of discharge for long periods of time. If the scooter is not frequently used, make sure to charge the battery while in storage.

Never charge the AKTIVO Scoot with other chargers than the one recommended and provided with the product. It could cause fire or damage to the scooter
and void the warranty.

The AKTIVO chargers are powerful and designed and tested specifically for the AKTIVO Scoot. They should never be used to charge or power any other product including other scooter brands.

The battery is integrated internally in the deck and is not designed to be swapped by another battery. The battery should not be removed unless the battery needs to be replaced because of malfunction. To charge your scooter, simply plug the charger into the port on the side of the chassis underneath the riding deck.

To ensure maximum safety and proper maintenance, never leave the scooter charging unattended. Please do not charge the scooter in extremely humid or hot environments. In addition, do not alter the original charger or the batteries provided by AKTIVO.

Charging or discharging at temperatures under 32 degrees or over 104 degrees Fahrenheit might affect the performance of the battery. Avoid long exposures in hot temperatures and in the sun.

Maintenance and Technical Support

Remember to regularly clean and maintain your electric scooter in order to extend its life. If the electric scooter surface is dirty, wipe it clean with a soft, damp cloth. Always check the status of your tires before riding. As outlined above, be sure to store your scooter in the proper temperature conditions and keep the battery charged when not in use.

Please contact us or the authorized dealer from whom you purchased the scooter. We will provide support on customer service, repairs and spare parts.

Please visit our AKTIVO Instruction Manual and Quick Start Guide page.